Hello, my name is Paul Caers.











I am 55 years old and I live in Belgium, in a small village called Lint, near Antwerp. I'm married and I have one daughter,

who have turned me into a very proud grandfather, his name is  Rick.

For the second time I became a  grandfather.

Rick  has a  little sister named  "Lore"


Lore & Paul






Today 03/12/2008



In 1974, I started my career as a mechanic at the tobacco factory 'Vander Elst Tabacofina' (now B.A.T.). 

Two years later, I became an operator there on a tobacco machine.

This promotion not only enabled me to continuously nurture my passion for the complete production process of tobacco in

general; it also gave me the opportunity to develop a keen interest in the world of rolling papers.

During many years of searching and trading rolling papers, I managed to create my own collection, wich I now proudly present

to you.

I hope you will enjoy to visit this 'rolling paper museum' of mine.

Have fun!


Gift from Dave 

















Webmaster Caers Paul   '98



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